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We're experts at every stage of the candidate lifecycle.

At LBS, we are not only partners to our clients, but also our candidates. Our unique and specific offering that combines recruitment and talent management solutions make us veteran in executive mobility.

We are committed to leadership development and we assist candidates with each phase of their career. We understand that recruitment isn’t only about securing your next job; it’s about helping you to develop your full career potential.

Recruitment & Talent Management Knowledge Centre

Knowledge is power. When you tap into the mind of LBS recruitment professional, a powerful thing happens – you learn about the intersection between employment, market research and HR. Our expert recruiters dive into employment news and conduct industry leading research, then analyse the findings to provide commentary and consultation to our clients.

LBS is a pioneer in providing advice and guidance to the HR community. Through speaking engagements, white papers and employment research, you can harness LBS’s knowledge to power your understanding of human resource management.

We're experts at every stage of the candidate lifecycle

LBS offers great career advice for experienced candidates. Our professional recruiters have deep specialisation in all the industries we serve because many of us come from those industries and job functions ourselves. Explore our free career advice, access interview and resume tips.